Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are slow rotating mechanical fans, suspended from the ceiling that help to move the air around which improves the air circulation, and can help keep your energy bill low. Some ceiling fans are better for indoors and some are better for outdoors, and then you have to consider humidity levels and other weather conditions.

Types of ceiling fans:
•Standard Ceiling fans - Standard ceiling fans are the type you find in the majority of homes, typically, these fans feature five blades and a built-in light fixture, with a variety of operating mechanisms.

•Low profile ceiling fans - This type of ceiling fan should be used if your home has ceilings that are less than eight feet tall. Instead of using a downrod, the fan is installed directly onto the mounting bracket, which keeps it at the required seven feet above the floor.

•Energy Star Ceiling fans - Energy Star-rated fans have efficient motors and aerodynamic blades that helps them use less energy. A standard energy-saving ceiling fan is 20 percent more efficient, and if you opt for one with integrated lights, it will be 50 percent more efficient

•Dual Motor Ceiling Fans - ceiling fans with two motors. This type of fan has a central motor housing attached to two horizontal rods. Each rod has its own adjustable fan head.

•Remote Controlled Ceiling fans - A perfect choice for people who aren’t tall enough to reach a traditional ceiling fan pull cords, remote-controlled fans allow you to adjust the speed and direction of the blades. This option is also great for rooms that have high ceilings and either no downrod or a downrod that simply isn’t long enough.

Used in:






•Industrial Applications
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detalji proizvoda Proizvođač Air Flow Blade Span Power Consumption Supply Voltage Special Features
Air circulation fan with 2 down rods,63W Xpelair 12474m³/h 1400mm 65W 230 V ac -
RS Pro Ceiling Sweep Fan 1200mm RS Pro 12600m³/h 1200mm - 240 V Reversible Electronic Controller
Axial ceilingfan w/onoff switch,35W 230V Xpelair 329m³/h - 34W 230 V ac -
RS Pro Ceiling Sweep Fan 900mm RS Pro 8100m³/h 900mm - 240 V Reversible Electronic Controller
RS Pro Ceiling Sweep Fan 1400mm RS Pro 15000m³/h 1400mm - 240 V Reversible Electronic Controller
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