Pneumatic Cabinet Coolers

Pneumatic cabinet coolers use clean compressed air to control the temperature within cabinets containing electrical components and to keep them cool and clean. They are a practical alternative in many applications to fans, which can pull in dirty or humid air, and air conditioners, which are more expensive and need ongoing maintenance.

Why use pneumatic cabinet coolers?

Using compressed air, pneumatic cabinet coolers allow you to control the temperature inside your electrical cabinets. This is important because excessive heat can cause electrical components to heat up, possibly causing errors or damage. For example, digital displays can misread, controls can shift and circuit breakerscan trip below their rated loads. This can lead to low productivity or the need downtime.

Features and benefits of pneumatic cabinet coolers

Features and benefits of pneumatic cabinet coolers may include:

  • Affordable and low maintenance – usually made from stainless steel so they're easy to clean and maintain
  • Compact, reliable and easy to install
  • Silenced for quiet operation
  • Thermostatically controlled to save energy
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