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The most comprehensive range of top-quality electrical accessories including cable ties and fixings, heatshrink tubing, markers and labels, cable protection systems, wire connectors and tapes.

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Cable Ties and Tools

  • Available in wide range of materials, sizes and colours
  • Classic, releasable or pre-lock types for various cable management applications
  • Inside or outside-serrated as well as heat-stabilised or high-teperature restistant variants
  • Simply to insert due to the ergonomic design

Special Cable Ties for Special Needs

  • Application-oriented materials or designs to meet specific utilisation needs
  • Metal content cable ties for easy detectability in food or pharmaceutical processing
  • Metal ties made from stainless steel coated or non-coated with patented non-releasable locking feature
  • Corrosion resistant and weather resistant products, outstanding chemical and high temperature resistance

Mulit-function accessories for Cable Protection

  • Corrugated tubing, Spiral Binding and Helawrap for fast and flexible cable bundling and protection
  • Highly-flexible braided sleeving in various types and materials
  • Heatshrink tubing as bulk ware, in dispenser boxes,1meter-pieses or handy kits, in various shrink-rations and wall-thickness
  • Available in flame-retardent and adhesive variants

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